About Us

Okay, so you're ready to change the way you do lunch everyday?

GREAT! A lot of people consider being healthier or choosing a more compassionate life style, but find it increasingly challenging to find the time to prepare foods that they enjoy. Vegan on the Go was developed to provide busy people with a healthy and cost effective way to eat well.

Our prepared lunch service provides a satisfying and nutrient rich whole foods meal delivered to your door in the Greater Toronto Area.

At Vegan On The Go, our experts prepare your meals in a commercial grade kitchen and are delivered to your door weekly. All you have to do is pick a meal plan, check out and your meals are delivered on Sundays.

What sets Vegan on the Go apart?

Passion! Our founder and head chef personally became vegan in 2015 when she realized that there was a healthier and kinder way to live. What started as a hobby to get her marketing firm employees a healthier meal plan has boomed into a growing business with rising demand.

Why Vegan?

Many people enjoy eating vegan foods for health or weight loss reasons, while others just want to choose a more conscious way of living. Please see any of these links for more information:


Do you have any more questions? We are happy to help!

Visit our FAQ page or contact us at contact@veganonthego.ca.

Our Inspiration

In theory, we all know how to eat healthy – select fresh ingredients, packed with vitamins and hold off on refined sugars, greasy and processed foods – OH, but if it were only that easy! We know it’s all well and good to source local and organic ingredients, lovingly prepare fresh, vibrant dishes every day, but designating the time can be a burden. In consequence, we repeatedly put accessibility before what’s best for our health and well-being, but alas there is a better way. A health-conscious meal subscription guides the theory into practice without consuming your time or being too heavy on your pocket.

With our savory Mexican, Italian and Canadian inspired creations you’ll soon be on your way to a healthier and more satisfied you!